Leading the way to Chinook magic!

Breeder Q&A
1.How long have you been involved with this breed? Can you provide me with references?
1. I have been involved in Chinooks for over 10 years.  I am active in the Chinook Owners Association (on the board since 2007), and was a founding member of the Mid-Atlantic Chinook Club.  I am EXTREMELY lucky to have found wonderful mentors within the breed who freely share their knowledge and experience.  References within the breed and with other dog organizations available upon request.
2.What are your goals in breeding?
2. My ambitions for my breeding program may be found on a separate page: Breeding Goals.
3.Do you work or show your dogs? Have they earned any titles or been evaluated in their ability to perform traditional activities such as pulling a sled, rig, a person on skis or backpacking? Are your dogs involved with agility, obedience or therapy work? Do they have Canine Good Citizen certification?
3. Yes!  I do work my dogs- having a job to do keeps them exercised, mentally stimulated and happy!  All of the dogs participate in the wonderful Working Dog Program offered by the Chinook Owners Association. The are pursuing Sled Dog - Excellent titles and have all achieved Novice Sled Dog Certification. They work in harness several times a year - we sled every winter, whenever we can find snow!  More frequently, we bike-jor (the dogs harnessed to a mountain bike on a dirt trail) in the fall, winter, and spring in not-so-snowy NJ.  Both Conaway and Tikaani have earned Canine Good Citizen awards. All of the dogs participate in conformation showing to receive objective review on their conformation so I may make more informed breeding decisions.
 4.Will the litter be evaluated for conformation and temperament testing by an expert in these areas?
4.  Yes- all litters are evaluated for temperament and conformation and that information is used in determining puppy placements.  It is important to match a puppy's personality and capabilities with the goals of a prospective owner.
 5.Do you breed your dogs to the U.K.C. standard? Do you register all your puppies with this organization?
5.  Yes- all litters are bred to the UKC Standard, and all puppies will be litter registered with the UKC.  The only exceptions would be in the case of a breeding of a Chinook cross line not yet eligible for UKC registration, in which case, the litter will be registered with the Chinook Owner's Association.
 6.Will the puppy be DNA-profiled or the litter DNA-parent-verified?
6.  Yes- puppies are DNA profiled/ DNA Verified Identified Parentage (DNA-VIP).
7.Have the parents passed an OFA evaluation and a CERF evaluation? At what ages?
7.  Yes - All breedings will involve parents with hip (OFA, PennHip, etc.) and eye evaluations.  Please see individual dog pages and planned breeding info for specific information on a dog's ratings and age at time of testing.
8.Do you have a breeder/purchaser contract? What is covered in this contract (health, spay/neuter, breeding, state laws)?

8.  Yes- all puppies will be placed with a contract.  This will cover many areas, including things like required health testing on growing dogs, as well as my  commitment to take back any dog that the owner can no longer keep.  Please contact me for more details.
9.Do you have a signed code of ethics by your parent club?

 9.  Yes- The COA does have a Breeder's Code of Ethics that I commit to follow.
10.Can I see the parent dogs' papers, pedigrees, titles, certificates and all contracts before I purchase a puppy?
 10.  Yes- All information / documentation on the parents will be available to prospective puppy purchasers.  Much of this information is publicly available on the internet, the Bashaba Facebook page, and via organizations like the OFA and CERF.
11.Can I physically see the parents or receive photos? Can you tell me about the litter's ancestors and siblings?
11.  Yes- Visitors are always welcome to come meet my dogs!  Due to geographical location, planned mates may be difficult to see, but pictures are available.  I am lucky to have extensive information on my dogs' littermates and ancestors, and would be happy to share it. 
12.Do you take back or provide rescue for any or all puppies you sell? Is there an age limit?
12.  Yes- any puppies from Bashaba Chinooks are always welcome back in the event their owners can no longer keep them.  There is no age limit.
13.How do you decide which puppy goes to which home?
13.  Puppy placements are based on a combination of the puppy evaluations for conformation and temperament and the owners goals and desires for a puppy.  Prospective owners will be offered a puppy from the litter that best meets their wishes and the needs of the pup.  Owners will not be able to "pick" the puppy - sometimes the best match may not be evident in the hour or so someone might spend with the litter.  It is important to understand the hours of observation and evaluation that will go into making sure the match will be successful!
14.What long-term contact do you maintain with owners of Chinooks you have bred?
14.  I expect to remain in contact with puppy owners for at least the lifetime of the puppy, and preferably longer!  This is important to ensure any health information on the parents or littermates is shared, as well as to support the owners and the puppy.  For the most part, Chinooks seem to bring people together and meld them into a family!
15.What support do you provide for a new owner? What do I need to know when I bring my puppy home (food, crate, vaccinations)?
15.  I will be available for all puppy owners to answer any questions or concerns.  Details on what is needed/what you need to know when you bring your puppy home will be made available several weeks before the pups are ready to leave.
16.What are the positive and negative aspects of owning a Chinook?
16.Please see About Chinooks.
Extra Questions related to COA Approved Crosses
1. With what other breed is the Chinook crossed?
1.  Tikaani is a purebred UKC and AKC Chinook.  She descends from the GreatMountain cross line, which is goes back to Glendon's Sweetie, a dog with mostly German Shepherd and Siberian Husky heritage, with some Labrador Retreiver thrown in. 
2. Does the Chinook cross being bred have the desired Chinook temperament?
2.  Tikaani has been evaluated and has an ideal Chinook temperament.  She is friendly and happy, and would love to show you in person just how sweet she is!  She has also been awarded a Canine Good Citizen award. Sakari and Calista are both very people-oriented dogs and plan to take the Canine Good Citizen test in 2013.
3. Is the Chinook Cross accepted as a Chinook Cross in the C.O.A. Cross Program? Can I see the certificate of acceptance?
3.  Yes, prior to obtaining purebred status, Tikaani was accepted into the COA Cross Program, and her certificate is available for review.
4. What generation of the cross line is being produced from this breeding?
4.  This depends on the specific litter. I’m happy to discuss the parents, their cross generation (or lack thereof), and what that means for the puppies.