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Planning Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 Litters.
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Chinooks are a very rare breed with around 100 puppies born every year. As we have been successful in keeping our dogs from being exploited in puppy mills, we rely on Chinook owners that are willing to keep a male intact or raise a litter to support a diverse gene pool. While all Chinooks are first and foremost pets, some owners participate a bit more directly in sustaining the breed. An owner's contribution can range from simply keeping a male dog intact as a potential stud, to raising a litter for which I take responsibility for finding and supporting puppy homes, all the way to people starting a new Chinook kennel of their own. The support of these Chinook owners helps ensure we will have healthy Chinooks in the future! Please contact me for more information.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Chinooks!

The Chinook puppy process involves a questionnaire (see link above), and a visit here or with someone I know near to you. This may be your first dog, or the first one for which you've gone to a breeder and filled out a questionnaire. Don't worry! This is my chance to get to know you and your family, and understand your hopes and needs in a puppy. If you don't know the answer to a question, just say so. Some people have very specific concerns and expectations, others do not- there are no "right" answers.

Approved homes are placed on a list, and once the puppies are a couple of weeks old and I know their personalities and prospects, they are matched to homes. You get offered the specific puppy that best fits your expectations - it is not first come, first served, or owner-pick. I don’t match puppies or take deposits ahead of time.

Ultimately this may seem complicated, but I am trying to get an idea of what type of puppy will be the best fit for you. I am committing to a 12-15 year relationship with you and your family, and I want to make sure it will work out the best for everyone, especially the puppy.

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These are the litters born and raised in my home. I raise a litter every year or two, based on what is right for my dogs and for me.


These litters are raised in the homes of their awesome families, who signed up to support the responsible growth of the Chinook breed. They agreed to keep a dog intact and raise a litter or two, and I agreed to support them in every way they need, and to take responsibility for the placement of puppies and support of their new owners.

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Associated litters are raised by other amazing Chinook breeders. Since one of my dogs is a parent, I will have a puppy to place from these litters. I’m happy to refer prospective owners to the breeder raising the litter.

Puppies are $2500, which includes

  • Puppy Culture Foundation. Vanguard Home litters and some Satellite litters are raised with the Puppy Culture (www.PuppyCulture.com) protocols, providing an enriched foundation for the future.
  • United Kennel Club (UKC) registration. The UKC is the oldest and largest registering body for the Chinook, and a reputable organization that continues to work with us to ensure the very best future for the breed.
  • In the event the litter is part of the Chinook Breed Conservation Program and not immediately eligible for UKC registration, Chinook Owners Association (COA) registration will be provided, along with instructions for UKC LP registration.
  • Canine Genetic Panel Test. All puppies receive a first screen with a genetic panel test to identify any potential known genetic health concerns and receive a genetic diversity assessment. Online genetic profiles will be turned over to new owners.
  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations. Per the current American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Guidelines recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association, this includes parasite control and the first in the series of vaccinations for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, and ParaInfluenze (DHPP).
  • 5 year genetic health guarantee.
  • Veterinary Check-Up All puppies receive their first vet check-up between 6.5 and 8.5 weeks old. Puppies traveling internationally or as in-cabin baggage on a plane will be sent with an official Health Certificate.
  • Puppy Toy/blanket. All the smells of Mom and siblings, ready to comfort your puppy on its way to its new home.
  • Photos. Relive your puppy’s growth over the weeks it has been with its Mom.
  • Puppy Binder. Full of all the information you need about your puppy and Chinooks in general!
  • Microchip. Puppies will be microchipped for permanent id.
  • DNA Parent Verification. This is a simple genetic assessment that validates a puppy’s pedigree.
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