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First Generation Chinook Breed Conservation Program
Tamaskan x Chinook

New Beginnings Litter (Late Summer 2017)

Darwin (J&J Devil of Piru at Hawthorne) x Calsita (NBOB UWP GR CH Bashaba Linto Calista CGC HIC DNA-VIP)
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Darwin has been approved as a New Founder to the Chinook Breed via the Chinook Owners Association's (COA) Chinook Breed Conservation Program (CBCP)! This important program is designed to improve the health and longevity of the Chinook breed by reducing inbreeding in the population.

Darwin meets all of the health criteria for a New Founder and more importantly, Darwin has a Chinook-type temperament- devoted to his family and great with people, fine with other dogs. He also has demonstrated working ability in harness! He is a Tamaskan, a rare breed of dog developed to be a good family companion and flexible working dog, much like Chinooks. You can learn more about Tamaskans at this
link. Tamaskans share intelligence and devotion to pack with Chinooks, but can be a little more aloof and independent-minded. The Tamaskan Dog Register has some great information on the typical Tamaskan temperament here.

I've matched Darwin with Calista, who exemplifies the things I want in a Chinook. She has demonstrated working ability, with a Weight Pull title and Sled Dog certification. She has excellent, functional structure as demonstrated by wins in the show ring, and is the only female to win the Chinook National Specialty two years in a row. Calista has a wonderful Chinook temperament, smart and soft and devoted. She trustworthy with children of all ages and dogs, bombproof in new environments, and completely dedicated to me to the exclusion of anyone else around. Puppies in her first litter are a year old and have inherited their mother's simple sweetness.

I hope to leverage the strong Chinook temperament in Calista and perhaps a touch of the independence in Darwin, knowing at heart both dogs have fantastic companion temperaments. I'd love to see a bit of Darwin's size (28 inches at the shoulder, 100 pounds) passed on. Both dogs have a working ability to pass on. And mostly I'm hoping to add some vigor and diversity to the Chinook breed and the puppies by adding in the Tamaskan - while they are thematically a similar breed to Chinooks, genetic testing at Optimal Selection has identified that they are genetically different.

Roughly half of the puppies should be almost indistinguishable from Chinooks with Calista's tawny coloring. The other half may be wolf gray/agouti like their dad, or perhaps tanpoint like a black and tan Chinook- the genetics are a bit… interesting in Northern breeds. Puppies should be fairly predictable in phenotype and behavior- on the spectrum between Chinook and Tamaskan, Calista and Darwin.

I hope to place promising puppies as breed potential, to provide healthy, well-tempered and genetically diverse inputs to the Chinook gene pool in a few years. Puppies will be registered with the COA, and third generation offspring from Darwin will be eligible for UKC registration as purebred Chinooks as long as all of the criteria for the CBCP are met along the way.
If you're curious about the timing of the litter…. click here for a blogpost.
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Puppies will be raised using the Puppy Culture program, to provide them the very best start in life - you can learn more about Puppy Culture at www.PuppyCulture.com.
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*Note: Tamaskans use the British Veterinary Associations hip evaluations. Darwin has a BVA score of 6, which is equivalent to an OFA Good. His BVA form is linked above - you can see the comparison to the OFA scores HERE

** Note: You may need to create a free Optimal Selection/Genoscoper account to see these results - the data is public, but access may require an site id.
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